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Organizational Development from Theory to Practice

Kaizen Leaders is founded on the belief that greatness is created in the intersection of theory and practice. Our coaches are not only award winning scientists in organizational theory, but have experience from working in industry and some of the worlds most high performing engineering design teams. 

That being said, our competitive advantage does not come from our background, but rather our coaching philosophy. By striving to take on only the most challenging and ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders as partners, we continuously develop our capabilities to live on the bleeding edge of what we teach.


Use our Lean Business Model - Make the Kaizen Switch to Operational Excellence

Our dedication to only work with the best does not mean the biggest, most successful clients in the market. In fact, we find that many ambitious and innovative actors are held back because they love the struggle. As a result, their dedication to grind and perfect their craft often leaves them unable to develop industry leading organizations.

At Kaizen Leaders, we work with these people to realign their efforts so that their organizations organically develops their inherent potential.


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