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Andreas Nøklebye is an engineer, award-winning scientist on management theory, an annual guest lecturer at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and just an all around management nerd. What separates him from rest of the scientific community is his integration of practical experience in his methods, ensuring that great ideas make it to reality. If you need a management expert, make sure you get one who knows what its like to negotiate with unions or having to fire someone you like.

Continue reading to learn more about Andreas’ motivations for starting Kaizen Leaders below.

Hello there!

I’m Andreas, founder and main editor of Kaizen Leaders.

The motivation to start Kaizen Leaders came from an epiphany I had during my time in the scientific community.

Having a background in civil engineering and having worked as a group leader in one the top rated teams worldwide for the worlds biggest student engineering competition (Formula Student), I gradually developed a passion for engineering management.

This interest eventually grew into a passion and a masters degree in the field, participating in the annual conference for Lean Construction (IGLC) with a scientific paper entitled “Enabling Lean Design with Model Maturity”, which won the price for best paper written below a PhD-level at the conference.

While I was interviewed receiving my award, one of my answers made the conference hall silent as the grave. Being asked what I thought were the greatest challenge in implementing scientific findings into current industries, I simply answered

“I think the greatest area of improvement in this scientific community is that the people who actually do the work aren’t represented here today”

They say the worst things about young people are that they are so naïve that they will actually tell you the truth.

Being slightly dumfounded by the response from the crowd, I realized how little work was actually being done trying to break down the scientific literature in ways applicable to practical implementation. Furthermore, working as a production manager in one of the most innovative construction contractors in the world, I started to realize that the feelings were mutual.

At Kaizen Leaders, our goal is to change that.

Are you ready to change how you work and create the organization you were meant to? Get in touch with us and become a Kaizen Leader today!

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